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Targeted distribution that gets results

Targeted distribution

We target the journalists that you want to receive your press release across 50 niches and geographical areas from our database of journalists, bloggers, publishers, influencers and broadcasters.

Guaranteed coverage

Every press release is published to Business News to and re distributed to multiple news channels.
If your plan includes our guaranteed global coverage, it is also distributed globally but no 1 USA, no 2 UK for your key verticals with a minimum readership of 78 million readership. Distribution includes:
Major News Sites:
The Associated Press /AP / AP Wire cover over 50% of the world’s population for news
Google News and so much more.
Business Insider (optional add on)

Your press release will be reprinted on an ever-growing list of highly search engine visible industry and
country-relevant third-party publisher sites.
ABC n NBC n FOX n CBS n CW affiliate sites
and dozens of radio station sites across the country with more than 150 million monthly unique users.
Our newswires feed your chosen countries providing worldwide distribution to journalists, editorial rooms, and millions of readers.

On this plan, we guarantee it will appear in a minimum of 500 news sites / publications or you pay nothing.

Press room

Your press room showcases your releases to journalists.

Personalised journalist requests

We monitor when journalists are looking for stories relevant to you, so we can reach out and arrange for you to be interviewed or submit content.

Every tiny detail….

… Examined !

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Streamlining the PR Experience

You have a unique proposition based on your experience, customer service and knowledge – yet most of the world don’t know about it.
By getting the media (TV, newspapers, magazines and radio) to tell your story, we can spread the word, enhance your reputation and trust, and ensure a steady flow of prospects who are pre sold and ready to buy
That is how we get you extraordinary engagement through public relations….
…and that’s guaranteedFor more information call 08456441144

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